Portfolio Overview

NCF project: Clean energy through microfinance, Ethiopia. Photo: Paula Tommila/Gaia consulting

Portfolio overview

Since 2009, eight NCF calls for proposals have been organised and around 700 project applications received. The NCF project portfolio comprises of 82 projects.

See presentations of all NCF projects here.

Geographical distribution

Climate change categorisation

Projects under NCF aim to increase resilience to climate change (adaptation) reduce greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation), or encompass both adaptation and mitigation (combination projects).

Average project size

The average size of an NCF project has been around EUR 700,000, with an average of almost EUR 300,000 in co-financing from project partners and other financiers.

Lead Nordic partner country

All projects are required to have a Nordic lead partner. The largest share of projects has been implemented by Danish lead partners, followed by projects with Swedish and Finnish leads.

Type of project partners

The majority of the project partners have been private companies, followed by civil society organisations.


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