Meet us at COP24 in Katowice

December 10, 2018

Meet us at COP24 in Katowice Invitation: The Debate Game at COP24

The Nordic Development Fund and the Nordic Climate Facility invites COP24 participants to bring their ideas on innovation and climate finance to the Debate Game. Participants can expect a fun and friendly event, invigorating discussions and new encounters.


  • 15:30 Welcome - Emeli Möller, NDF
  • 15:35 Setting the stage: Financing innovation through challenge funds - Leena Klossner, NDF
  • 15:45 Introduction to the debate game - Emeli Möller, NDF
  • 15:50 First round of debate
  • 16:15 Food for thought: An additional perspective on innovation and climate finance - Anthony Cox, OECD
  • 16:20 Second round of debate
  • 16:40 Judges' deliberation - Hyoeun Jenny Kim, GGGI; Linus Mofor, UNECA; Leena Klossner, NDF
  • 16:55 Presentation of results, conclusions

The event is part of the Finance Day taking place at the Nordic Pavilion, organised together with the Nordic Investment Bank and the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation. See the full agenda of the Finance Day here.

Other events where you can meet NDF on the 2nd week of COP24

When: 11 December 2018 at 11:00-12:00

Where: Pacific and Koronivia Pavilion

Organiser: Climate Policy Initiative and the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance


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