High interest in Nordic Climate Facility's 8th call

September 12, 2018

High interest in Nordic Climate Facility's 8th call

The Nordic Climate Facility’s eight call for proposals (NCF 8) was open for applications between 1 and 31 August 2018. The call attracted a total of 121 applications. Out of these, 102 applications passed the minimum eligibility criteria and will be evaluated by the evaluation committee during the coming weeks.

NCF requires that all applications have a Lead Nordic partner. As last year, the majority of NCF8’s Lead Nordic partners are registered in Denmark. This year, the amount of applications by Norwegians increased significantly compared to last year.

NCF can finance projects in 21 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. This year, the applications included 20 different countries of implementation.

As climate change is a cross-cutting issue, a wide range of sectors were targeted in the applications. The top five sectors were: Agriculture/fishery (20%), Energy (20%), Waste management (9%), Forestry (8.5%) and Water and sanitation (6.2%).

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