24 green entrepreneurships supported in Nepal

August 19, 2019

24 green entrepreneurships supported in Nepal Mushroom farming by the Ujayaalo Women Empowerment Center. Photo: Emeli Möller/NDF

The project “Building Resilience and Climate Adaptive Planning in Urban Centres of Nepal” has supported 24 innovative green businesses in two Nepalese municipalities by providing seed grants. The grants have helped to increase resilience to climate change especially among marginalised, vulnerable and poor groups of the society. The project has especially focused on engaging women in entrepreneurship.

Highlighted positive impacts

Enhancing women’s resilience to climate change through mushroom farming

A group of 26 women initiated mushroom farming through the Ujayaalo Women Empowerment Center (WEC) established by the project. The WEC is a platform for women that enables them to collectively build capital, develop leadership skills and expand their social networks. The group of women at Ujayaalo have embarked upon mushroom farming to generate income streams that support their families’ livelihood and are now enjoying an income boost from this activity. As their business idea proved successful, they were rewarded with 400 000 NPR (ca. 3200 EUR) from the Prime Minister’s Agriculture Modernization Project to continue and to expand their business.

Increased municipal budget for climate change adaptation

The project helped to leverage increased municipal budgets for adaptation activities. Both project municipalities have endorsed the adaptation plan prepared by the project and mainstreamed it into their annual development planning. These Municipal Adaptation Plans are the first adaptation plans developed at the municipality level in Nepal, therefore setting an example for other urban centres.

All the supported businesses and their products, as well as the project results, are promoted at http://www.ecobusinessnepal.com/

Read more about the results in the project completion report.

More information

Project presentation

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