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Growing Resilient Agricultural Enterprises (GREAN) in Uganda

Call 6
Time consumed
Start: 09-Mar-17 End: 30-Sep-20
Lead Nordic partner
Vi Planterar Träd (Vi Agroforestry)
Country of Lead Nordic partner
Local partner(s)
Africa Fairtrade Network
Other partner(s)
Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative Union Ltd., Banyankole Kweterana Cooperative Union Ltd., Kibinge Coffee Farmers' Cooperative Society Ltd.
NCF grant size
Total project cost
Briquettes and pellets, Improved cookstoves
Agroforestry, Branding/marketing support, Training
Country of implementation:
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The project aims at contributing to improved sustainable livelihoods for small-scale coffee producers in Uganda through climate adaptation and mitigation measures in Bukomansimbi, Bushenyi, Ibanda, Mbarara, Mitooma, Ntungamo and Sheema districts.

The GREAN Project is an initiative responding to several challenges facing Ugandan coffee farmers including unsustainable farming methods, climate change, market failures as well as inefficient and unsustainable energy sources and uses; all of which...


•Capacity of 10,000 coffee farmers in 3 Small Producer Organisations to implement Sustainable Agricultural Land Management (SALM) practices strengthened
•Participation of three SPOs along the coffee value chain enhanced through organisational strengthening as well as through development of new local and regional markets
•Women and youth’s participation in decision-making in SPOs and households enhanced
•Access to and adoption of climate friendly energy cook stoves and coffee husk briquettes,...


•A total of 17,249 farmers organized in 405 groups were reached by the end of project implementation. Farmer field schools (FFS) were also established to support farmer to farmer learning. Organisation capacity assessments in terms of governance, management, marketing, sustainable agriculture and climate change awareness were conducted in the SPOs. Actions plans were then developed for capacity building on the identified gaps. 30 SPO staff,...
Sustainable Development Goals

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