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New and Affordable Building Materials Promoting Sustainability in Nepal (NABIN)

Buildings and housing
Urban development
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Start: 01-Sep-18 End: 30-Apr-21
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Build Up Nepal
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Sustainable construction solutions, Training
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The project seeks to test and demonstrate a scaled pro-poor and climate friendly business model for Compressed Stabilized Earth Bricks (CSEB) technology in the Nepalese context, strengthen a number of points along the supply chain of the sustainable construction industry. This will ultimately strengthen Nepal’s capacity to mitigate and adapt to climate change through viable rural initiatives with strong social and climate impacts.

Over 650,000 houses...


Project's expected key results are:
•100 CSEB enterprises created
•1 650 direct jobs created through the establishment of CSEB enterprises
•21 million CSEB bricks produced by 100 CSEB enterprises
•20% cost savings on housing reconstruction for 3,500 households
•280 masons trained in CSEB technology construction methods
•Increased access to financial products by CSEB entrepreneurs
•Local awareness of sustainable building materials, uses and advantages
•30% increase in demand of CSEB
•16 231 tonnes of...


• 96 CSEB micro-enterprises were established and are now functional
• 2,669 local jobs were created
• Approximately 3.6 million CSEBs were produced
• 635 masons and fried bricks makers were trained
• 2,103 houses were built using CSEB (1,443 from NABIN project and 660 from 26 enterprises established by other projects)
• 68% of CSEB entrepreneurs had access to financial services. Loan products were developed together with the Microfinance Institutions (MFI) (Mero Microfinance)...

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