Our projects> From diesel to solar: Reducing emissions through PAYG at health clinics in Kenya

From diesel to solar: Reducing emissions through PAYG at health clinics in Kenya

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Start: 01-Feb-21 End: 30-Sep-23
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Differ AS
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Differ Community Power
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Population Services Kenya
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World Resource Institute
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Solar photovoltaic systems
Financial instruments, Pay-as-you-go models, Value chain development
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The project will prove that a lease-to-own model for the provision of electricity services to private health clinics is a viable business model that is attractive to investors and minimises greenhousegas-emitting diesel consumption.

This project develops an innovative and sustainable financing vehicle that enables impact investors and debt providers to finance solar electrification of health clinics in Kenya. The financing vehicle is established to secure financing...


The project aims to prove that a viable commercial business can be implemented by mobilising project financing (in addition to technology and O&M) through connecting impact equity investors, debt providers and owners of health clinics through a SPV setup.

Our business concept is to offer a lease-to-own service to owners of health clinics, similar to what pay-as-you-go (PAYG) companies have been offering households for several...


The result after milestone 1 is that a minimum of 5 health clinics that have signed the contract on energy service delivery and that we have received their first payments. At milestone 2, a minimum of 30 health clinics have signed up for energy service delivery and we have secured project financing to cover the capex for this.
Sustainable Development Goals

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